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My courses – here’s how to learn maqamat with me

(Updated September 2020)

Assalaamu alaikum!

Over the last little while, many of you have been asking me about my various courses and programs to learn maqamat, and how you can get started. If you emailed me, sorry if I was not able to respond to you personally.

In this post I’ll outline all of my current courses and programs that you can get started with right away:

My *old* Overnight Qari course – no longer available: I’ve discontinued the old Overnight Qari course which was originally recorded several years ago. It was a really good course, but over time I’ve gotten better and more experienced at teaching maqamat, and my newer shorter courses better reflect that. For now, the courses below are the best place to start – although, if you can keep a secret – rumour has it that the Overnight Qari course is being completely redone and is ready for a big comeback 🙂

Maqam Hijaz mini-course: so I actually think I need to change that name because it’s so much more than just a “mini-course”. I would go so far as to say that when it comes to learning maqamat for reciting Quran, you won’t find anything better than our programs. A lot of videos that you’ll find on youtube (including my own) are just demos where someone recites and you’re expected to somehow follow along. In our courses we’ve broken it down into a science – step by step to make it easy for you to understand how the maqam works and how to implement it in your recitation. I’ve had many students take this course and go from nothing to being able to recite in hijaz. Alhamduillah for that – all praise belongs to Allah, and all success is from Him. You can learn more and register here:

Maqam Nahawand mini-course: similar to the above course, except for maqam nahawand. Again a really good course if I’m allowed to say so myself. With either of these courses, more than just learning the specific maqam, you’re also learning *how* maqamat works which makes it easier going forward with other maqamat as well. You can join here:

My Accelerator Coaching Program: So this is where most of my energy is nowadays. With the above mini-courses, obviously despite the good results that students get, it’s more of a start rather than an end. Some students might want extra help just to get off the ground, and others might get a basic tune on their own but then they want to recite with me to go further. So that might mean adding more depth to a particular maqam, going higher in the maqam, adding more fluctuations etc – or perhaps learning other maqamat that aren’t hijaz and nahawand. Honestly I love this program and I love working with the students – takes more time from me since it’s more hands on, but I love the energy and enthusiasm that the students have. I’m always adding new things to this program – recently did a new training on maqam rast and added new audio exercises to go with it – almost like a rast mini-course added into the program. We’ve also recently added a vocal coach to our team who helps with vocal issues (whereas I focus more on the tune) so this is a super solid program, and I honestly don’t think you’d find another program like this. Right now I’m not officially taking on more students, but I will be soon. For now you can learn more and put in an early application here: Please keep in mind that even if you apply now, the fees or other details may be modified when I *officially* open registration for this.

So that’s that! Yes it’s a long-ish post, but many of you have been emailing me and asking about my programs. I appreciate that some of the details, course info etc hasn’t been properly updated here in a while – so I needed to get this out. Thanks for reading – and for those of you planning to join one of my courses, I’m looking forward to working with you!

Lastly if you’re not already on my email list, do join with one of the signup boxes here on this site. That’s the best way to get my updates on new courses and programs – and if you need to reach me to inquire about your own recitation needs, you can hit reply on any of my emails to get in touch with me.

Idrees Ally
Sept 2, 2020