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The Overnight Qari Course is an online program that will transform your recitation and forever change your relationship with the Quran. Finally you can experience the joy of reciting beautifully and be in that moment where the Quran comes alive in your heart and your voice reverberates with emotion and love for this great gift that Allah subhanahu wa ta’la has given to you.

The Overnight Qari Course is all online, so you can study comfortably from your home. The program is self-paced and the lessons are delivered in video format. Upon enrolling, you will have immediate access to the entire course so you can have the flexibility to learn at a pace that is comfortable for you and based on your schedule and commitments.


Immerse yourself in the art of beautiful recitation

The Overnight Qari Course will take your recitation to the next level by teaching you how to recite beautifully:

  • Learn how your voice works and how to get it to work for you
  • Recognize and recite in the different tune patterns/maqamat
  • Use your voice to convey the meanings and emotions of the verses you are reciting
  • Gain the motivation and confidence you need to recite beautifully and be comfortable with your unique voice
  • Strengthen your connection to the Quran through your own recitation

The Overnight Qari course is a focused and practical program that will guide you step-by-step in beautifying your recitation. With a strong practical component, this course will fast-track your progress and guide you towards the most important things you should focus on when learning to recite beautifully. Course components include:

  • Breathing and vocal exercises to strengthen your voice and bring out more beauty in your recitation
  • Guided practice and slow progression from simple, basic exercises to more complex and challenging exercises to push your limits and help you identify and differentiate between the various tune patterns/maqamat
  • Recorded video lessons so you can learn at your convenience and work through the exercises at your own pace
  • Practice plan and goal-setting to help you maximize your potential and reach your recitation goals
  • Extensive resources to supplement the concepts and exercises discussed in the lessons

quote2“I benefited tremendously from the course and my connection with the book of Allah increased. Today I recite the Quran more often, knowing that I am capable of producing some of the beauty found in Allah’s book using my own voice.”

– Ali, Florida USA

Major Topics

The Overnight Qari Course consists of eight main lessons, delivered in video format. Each lesson is approximately one hour long and includes a lecture component as well as vocal/recitation exercises. Additionally, an introductory and conclusion session in audio format are also included.

Below is a list of the major topics we will discuss in The Overnight Qari Course. Note that this is not the full course outline; this is just to give you some sense of the material we will cover.

  • Introduction to the art of recitation: Essentials of tilawah; Relationship between tajweed and maqamat; Spirituality in recitation; Goals of reciting beautifully
  • Basic maqamat and sound theory: Quick history; Nature of sound; Parts of sound; The diwan/scale and darajat as-sawtiyyah; Understanding relative pitch; Tabaqat: jawab and qarar
  • Tasweer of the meaning of the Quran: Using your voice to bring out the meaning; Understanding asbab-an-nuzul in recitation; Using your voice to indicate Questions vs. Statements, Changes in dialogue, Continuation vs. Stopping
  • Performance Tips: Getting in the zone; Starting and ending in maqam bayati; Knowing the limits of your voice; Finding your style: Murattal vs. Mujawwad; Home on the range; Coming down the mountain
  • Reciting with maqamat: The moods/emotions of maqamat – Description vs. Prescription; Improvisation vs. Composition; Being one with the ayat you’re reciting
  • How the voice works: Basic anatomy; Understanding darajat/range; Understanding breathing and voice projection; Keeping the air

quote2“Sh Idrees Ally’s style of teaching was simple, easy to understand and effective. I feel more confident with my recitation than before and I actually enjoy it more too. I would recommend courses with Sh Idrees. You will find them most beneficial.”

– Yusuf, Leicester UK

Course Details

The Overnight Qari Course is self-directed, in the sense that it’s up to you to go through the material and work through the exercises at your own pace. However, it’s unique from many other self-directed programs in that you’re not left completely on your own – we’ll work through the exercises together in the lessons. I’ll recite, and leave time for you to repeat, and we’ll work gradually through the exercises, from simple ones up to more challenging ones. This step-by-step progression will help you internalize and learn the pattern for the maqamat we’re covering (maqam Bayati, Hijaz, and Nahawand).

The entire course (8 video lessons) is available to you upon registration. Because you don’t need to be in class at a fixed time, you can work on your recitation while still juggling school, work, or family commitments. And once you register for the course, you will have lifetime access to all the lessons and resources.

Course Prerequisites

To get the best results from this program, students should be able to recite fluently and should have taken at least a beginner’s tajweed course that covered the basic rules. When learning the art of recitation and maqamat, we build upon the framework of tajweed, so the more tajweed you know, the better you will be able to beautify your recitation and fully appreciate the subtleties of the art. Our Beautiful Tajweed program is an excellent place to start if you need to brush up on your tajweed or if you have not studied tajweed before.

If you haven’t studied tajweed formally, but you can still recite fluently with a working knowledge of tajweed, then you can still benefit from this program; however you may not understand all of the terminology we use or appreciate some of the subtle points we discuss in relation to tajweed. I would recommend that you do try at some point to enroll in a tajweed program as this will benefit your recitation greatly.

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course, I want your recitation and your relationship to the Quran to be transformed. The program is designed so that you’ll be able to learn to carry a tune in the maqams we’re covering, and so that you’ll be able to use your voice to bring out the meanings of the Quran, forever changing the way you feel while reciting. But of course, in a program of this nature, I’m not handpicking students so it goes without saying that results may vary depending on your level of recitation coming in to the course, and also based on how much practice you put in during the course.

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quote2“Shaykh Idrees Ally is both a patient and knowledgeable teacher, which makes learning from him pleasurable and highly beneficial. The preparation he puts into his lessons is combined with genuine concern about his students’ progress. Signing up for Shaykh Idrees’s courses is worth every cent, and is definitely the right option for anyone seeking to beautify his or her recitation.” – Zain, South Africa

quote2“A talented and dedicated teacher! This class is a must for anyone looking to improve their Quran recitation!” – Khadija, Montreal Canada


quote2“Jazakallah kheir for providing us with an amazing course on recitation that was so beneficial and inspirational at the same time, and I’m sure I speak on behalf of all students.” – Abdelsalam, Sydney Australia

Enroll Now - $247