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A beautiful recitation is within your reach

Beautiful Tajweed is an exciting online program designed to help you turn a new page on your recitation. Finally you can begin to recite the Quran with ease, and feel the confidence that comes with reciting correctly and beautifully.

Beautiful Tajweed is all online, so you can study comfortably from your home. The program is self-paced and consists of video lessons and a workbook. Upon enrolling, you will have immediate access to the entire course so you can have the flexibility to learn at a pace that is comfortable for you and based on your schedule and commitments.



We make learning tajweed easy

Tajweed can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be: our Beautiful Tajweed program is simple, practical, and unique. We’ll break down and simplify the science of tajweed and focus on practice and skill development. Instead of just studying theory and memorizing rules, you’ll develop skills that you can apply every time you recite.

The Beautiful Tajweed program will help you take your recitation to the next level. You will:

  • Learn about common errors in letter pronunciation, and how to fix them
  • Learn to slow down your recitation and give each and every letter its rights
  • Gain a solid understanding of the main rules and concepts in tajweed
  • Gain clarity in your recitation by paying attention to the sound of your vowels (harakat)
  • Begin to develop the skill of alternating between ‘heavy’ and ‘light’ letters

Each lesson in the Beautiful Tajweed program follows the Learn-Practice-Integrate framework. We’ll begin by exploring some essential concepts and rules and then cut straight to the practical implementation. Then we move to integration and see how everything we’re learning comes together. For this part, we’ll cover surah al-Fatihah along with the last ten surahs of the Quran. At the end of the course, you will have covered all the main topics in tajweed and be able to implement them anywhere you recite.

By the end of this program, you will have developed a strong overview of the main rules and concepts in tajweed. We will cover some of the most commonly recited surahs, so that you can feel entirely confident when you recite them in prayer. Most importantly, you will be able to implement what you learn wherever you recite and see a clear, beautiful difference in your recitation.



Why you will love this course

  • Completely flexible scheduling: The entire course (10 video lessons) is available to you upon registration. You don’t need to be in class at a fixed time, so you can improve your recitation while still juggling school, work, or family commitments. Each lesson is approximately 50 minutes long.
  • Lifetime access: Sometimes life can get in the way, preventing you from getting through all the lessons as planned. No worries – register once, and you will always have access to the course material. And once you get through the entire course, you can always go back and benefit from further review. In fact, we highly recommend this for maximum benefit!
  • Workbook: It’s easy to forget everything when you’re just watching a video. The Beautiful Tajweed workbook will add structure to the lessons, helping you take notes and providing you with the verses and recitation exercises we’ll be doing in the lessons.

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quote2“Alhamdulillah, I had the blessing of studying tajweed with Ustadh Idrees. Although I hadn’t studied online before and was a little apprehensive, the experience with Ustadh Idrees surpassed my expectations. I was thoroughly impressed by the fine points that Ustadh was picking up on, which not only improved my tajweed but also my flow and voice during recitation. Ustadh Idrees has a relaxed and patient nature which are great qualities for teaching and he also reminds us of our obligations towards the Qur’an in terms of recitation, understanding and personal development.” – Mahbub (London, UK)

quote2“The Beautiful Tajweed course is an incredible journey as it enables one to discover the intricate beauty of tajweed without being drowned in the detail. Ustaadh Idrees has structured the course notes and online sessions with great effort in order to facilitate the improvement of makhaarij (articulation), and tajweed (pronunciation) in a comfortable online environment. His teaching style is what makes the course invaluable. May Allah the Most High enable Ustaadh Idrees to continue spreading the beauty of Quranic recitation for years to come.” – Muhammad (Brisbane, Australia)

quote2“Sheikh Idrees has pleasant character and a unique ability to simplify Tajweed learning. His techniques make it easy to understand, follow, and implement letter articulation and Tajweed rules to beautify Quran recitation. Learning Tajweed and Quran recitation has been very rewarding experience for me; Alhamdulillah first and for Sheikh Idrees second who played a big role in increasing my awareness of learning and recognizing proper Quran recitation.” – Hassan (Florida, USA)

Enroll Now - $197